Development Pacts

Development Pacts offer a space for partnership amongst stakeholders to implement negotiated solutions which aim to enhance integrity and improve performance. A Development Pact is a public agreement between stakeholders and outlines mechanisms for their oversight and participation in related decision-making.

Development Pacts contain specific targets and a time-bound roadmap that bind stakeholders to their promises. These can also be linked to the process of local or sector planning, elaborated citizen charters or specific poverty reduction programmes.

The sanctions and incentives that make the Development Pact a powerful and effective ‘contract’ are based on the strong self-interest of the partners to benefit from the agreements.

Development Pacts are sustained by Agent-Based Modelling. The expected results of the Development Pacts can be foreseen in the modelling exercise and their impact can be measured though Integrity Benchmarking which is part of the Pactitioner’s Tool Box.

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