The Pactitioners Platform

We would like to work with and acknowledge individuals and organisations that contribute to incentive-based accountability instruments such as the ‘pacts’. We also wish to welcome future ‘Pactitioners’ interested in developing and implementing new accountability approaches. A Pactitioners Platform will be set in 2013.

The Pactitioners Platform offers:

  • A knowledge on specific integrity tools.
  • A peer-to-peer exchange and support to those using accountability tools.
  • A platform for development practitioners interested in sharing experiences and insights on tools.

 Members of the platform share similar values and goals:

  • A commitment to ethical practices at personal and organisational level.
  • A willingness to give evidence of our public commitment and accountability to those we serve.
  • A drive to set new standards for integrity and performance.
  • A strong interest in converting principles of fairness, responsiveness and integrity into practice.

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